Revista Facta



by Lucas Mafra

A collection often reveals a little about one’s personality. The ego itself, vanity and exhibitionism may also motivate a collection. From single masterpieces of automobilism to beautiful bottlecap collections. The shelf filled with beer cans, what is this virus???? I named it: “enclitic looms”; that invades the nervous system of the cool client or or clocitonel, an iconic elm lost feeling like cleoncitol of collecting anagramatic words found on google, for example. A collection of used tea bags might sound strange but if it is well organized, it won’t characterize as a case of “hoarding”, the disease of the hoarders. A collector can become a hoarder when the attachment to the items of the collection is too extreme even knowing of death or when running out of space and organization.
Scientific collectionism practiced by museums produces anthropological knowledge to humanity while independent amateur collectionism brings fun and entertainment, moving the consumer market. casino craps appcasino arizona buffet