MINI ZINE template

I found this 16 page mini zine tutorial video, which was enlightening for me. I was looking for a cut and fold mini zine template, and also trying to make one by myself (unsuccessfully). But I had the bright idea to make two mini zines (traditional 8 pages folding zine) out of an A4 and just staple them together. It’s much easier to do this instead of the fancy folding mini zine above although it’s an epic design. So here are two different methods to make a 16 page zine:


  • Stapled double 8 page zine. Reference template I made >>  PSD and JPG.
    Instructions: Make your zine using the template then cut the A4 in half, fold them like a regular zine and staple it together in the middle page.


more MINI
 ZINES coming soon…

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